Learn with one of the best instructors in the area

Live the experience of riding your first wave during your first surf lesson!

An unforgettable opportunity!

Learn to surf that foamy crest wave on your first day at one of the most spectacular beaches of the entire Southern Baja peninsula. Here at Playa Los Cerritos, there are a variety of waves for all surf skill levels. From anyone who has never tried surfing but is eager to learn to the intermediate & advanced surfers out there that wish to refine their surfing style. This is why Cerritos is one of the most loved and favorite beaches by surfers from all over the world!

Ready to surf?

At Get Stoked surf school, you will develop the necessary skills while having fun practicing this beautiful sport. Our goal is to provide you with the tools and precise knowledge that will get you up and riding those waves all the way to the shoreline.

During your surf lessons, we will share information about a surfing methodology based on dynamic movements that will help you activate the muscle memory necessary to feel comfortable riding waves all the way from paddling into a wave to standing on the surfboard. In advanced classes we will go over in more detail other important aspects, such as surf etiquette, proper body dynamics on the wave, positioning in the Line-Up and reading & timing the waves.

Learn with one of the best instructors in the area

Jibrán has many years of experience teaching and revealing the secrets of surfing to people of all ages. Not only that but, Jibrán also taught his dog, Guajira, to glide over the waves like a mermaid! The key is to understand that we are all different and every surfer has their own rhythm and form

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Surf School Cerritos Beach

Cerritos Beach

Cerritos Beach is located 15 minutes south from the magical town of Todos Santos and 7 minutes next to the town of El Pescadero. Cerritos welcomes tourists from all over the world because of the clear water, soft sand bottom and incredible waves that are perfect for surfers of all levels!

Make your dreams come true and learn how to surf with the most experienced and professional surf instructors!

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